4th UGas Summit (Unconventional Gas),

17-18 Feb, 2011 - Singapore, SINGAPORE

Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore

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4th UGas Summit (Unconventional Gas) will gather top panel of unconventional gas expertise, to examine trends in unconventional gas production worldwide, opportunities in the region including China, Indonesia, Australia, India and technology developments in unlocking the potential of these resources.


A must-attend for anyone involved in Unconventional Gas and important meeting place, 4th UGas Summit (Unconventional Gas) offers delegates face-to-face networking at the very highest level.


The inaugural program is developed with the support of the CBM, Shale & Tight Gas industrys' most prominent experts and representatives. It's a program designed to address issues and challenges faced by the industry, and offer viable solutions for the industry!


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Key Topics To Be Addressed by

invited expert Speakers Include:

  • Global Case Studies / Project Experiences
  • Delivering CBM to the Market
  • Exploiting and Developing Shale & Deep Tight Gas projects
  • Overcoming Technology Hurdles
  • Regulatory Developments
  • Environmental Issues

... plus many more!


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Attend 4th UGas Summit

(Unconventional Gas) and:

  • Listen to, & discuss with the industry's thought-leaders
  • Find out about the critical issues affecting the global industry in the near future
  • Set up valuable meetings with your customers, stakeholders and suppliers
  • Build partnerships, source, and develop new business relationships
  • Make first-rate new contacts and take away market intelligence

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Do not miss-out.

Come prepared to network with:

CBM, Shale & tight gas players,
LNG buyers & suppliers including trading houses,
Investors, fund managers, equipment suppliers,
water mgt cos, govt officials from energy ministries,
financiers, energy consultants, drilling & engineering cos,
rigs suppliers, service contractors and many more.



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UNCONVENTIONAL Gas is Shaking Up the Energy World and has Brought Some Significant Impacts  


Conventional gas producers are worried that their business models are under threat. Dozens of LNG receiving terminals planned in the US, long-held plans for pipeline imports have been put on hold as new unconventional resources (coal-bed methane, shale & tight gas) are now considered exploitable from the US to Australia to India and China.


The Shale revolution enveloping North America will see the region potentially self-sufficient in gas over the next decade or more. What is the scale of this effect on the global LNG markets ? In Europe, shale gas resources has been identified in countries such as Poland, Austria, Germany and drillers are working hard to show results.


The excitement is also building up in Asia - China, India, Indonesia which are the next areas for potential unconventional gas production. These new regions could create the headlines of the future as areas with good potential for tight gas, shale gas and CBM have been identified.


Positive long-term gas-market conditions are driving interest from the region's oil majors, national oil companies, private equity funds and even energy traders to pursue joint ventures deals for CBM, shale & tight gas.


Despite the attractiveness, many challenges remain and these include size of the resource base, ease of access to land, water and pipeline infrastructure, well productivity, availability of drilling rigs and crews, environmental regulations.


CMT's 4th UGas Summit ( Unconventional Gas ) is a timely event that has lined up the most senior representatives from across the industry of Oil & Gas exploration companies to government officials, service contractors, energy traders, fund managers and investors.


Key highlights include

  • Unconventional Gas Resources & the potential impact on natural gas markets - Economics & Cost Curves
  • Regulatory Developments & Government support

In Nov 2009, President Barack Obama jointly launched the US-China Shale Gas Resource Initiative with his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao. The initiative will promote technical co-operation and commercial investment in China and use experience gained in the US to assess China's shale-gas potential.

  • Will Unconventional Gas be a fundamental resource energy for China ? What is China's resource prospects and how is CNPC / PetroChina getting ahead in this new energy ?
  • Investors' perspective on financing unconventional gas
  • India's Unconventional Gas & Essar's, the leading CBM player's experience
  • Dart Energy - key competencies on becoming a global CBM player
  • Shale gas opportunities in Europe & Australia
  • Tight Gas - can the Mideast become a player ?
  • Tackling environmental challenges, fracturing effects on water supplies

And many more.


Sign up now at www.cmtevents.com or email to delaine@cmtsp.com.sg


Sponsorship opportunities are available for organisations to showcase their strengths and capabilities to an audience of senior industry decision makers. Contact our sponsorship team at nisha@cmtsp.com.sg today.


News Feed

CUCBM & Hefei University to Address Special Joint Presentation at 4th UGas Summit

Posted on : 14 Feb, 2011


The 4th UGas Summit is soon to convene in Singapore on 17-18 February 2011, and the exclusive joint presentation by Hefei University of Technology and China United Coalbed Methane Co. Ltd. (CUCBM) is expected to be a main draw.



Just recently at the end of December 2010, the two companies reached an agreement for CNOOC to hold 50% stake of CUCBM by direct investment. Under this agreement, CUCBM would be in charge of CBM development, with ambitious plans to increase production and become the biggest CBM producer in China.


Also, Li Liang, the Director of business management office of CUCBM, was quoted in a recent report that “construction capacity of Chinese newly increased Coalbed Methane (CBM) will reach 3.5-5.2 billion m³, while the increased output will meet 1.5-2 billion m³”. (caijing.com.cn



Find out more about the companies’ plans and gain first-hand insights, from the exclusive joint presentation entitled “CUCBM and its future under CNOOC”.


For last-minute registrations, click here or send an email to Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg.


Rig Counts Jump: Producers step up drilling across North America. Experts Reveal Opportunities at 4th UGas Summit

Posted on : 11 Feb, 2011

According to the weekly rig report from oilfield services firm Baker Hughes Inc. (NYSE:BHI), the number of rotary rigs drilling in the US and Canada increased by 35 rigs this week.


In the US, there are 1,732 rigs drilling, which is an increase of 19 rigs for the week and 415 rigs year over year. Specifically, there are two more inland water rigs, one less offshore rig, and 18 more land rigs working in the US.


Through improvements in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, the commerciality of producing shale hydrocarbons has become a reality in the last few years, supporting a massive increase in drilling rigs.


(Source: PennEnergy, January 28, 2011)

With advancements in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology, there has never been a better time to tap opportunities in shale & unconventional gas investments. Specifically in the US & Canada, recent developments in unconventional gas resources have led to a surge of drilling rigs construction activity, which has also heighten interest in uncovering the latest prospects in Asia, Australia, Europe, US & Canada.


At the 4th UGas Summit (17-18 February 2011, Singapore), major CBM, shale & unconventional gas players are convening to address the logistical issues faced and financial options available for such ventures. Top tier speakers include Advanced Well Technologies Pty. Ltd. sharing on key challenges in well construction & maintaining well integrity, as well as Global Future Solutions speaking on using an innovative environmental-friendly solution – the microbial technology for the beneficial reuse and remediation of water. Meanwhile ERM will provide guidelines on tackling the environmental challenges faced by Unconventional Gas activities.


For more information on last-minute registrations, do contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg.


4th UGas Summit panelist Kenny Chan, chairman & CEO at Enviro Energy, shares his strategy for the firm in CNBC video

Posted on : 06 Jan, 2011

4th UGas Summit in Singapore on 17-18 February 2011 is all geared up to present global investors keen on taking advantage of emerging opportunities in China’s unconventional gas sector with first-hand insights from leading industry players, consultants & researchers in China on:

-      Regulatory framework & legislation issues

-      Financing considerations

-      Challenges & Prospects

-      And more


One of the key panelists at this event is Kenny Chan, Chairman & CEO at Enviro who was recently interviewed by CNBC on Unconventional Gas and his views on China. See video below:




China’s Gigantic Unconventional Potential Needs Technology to Develop

Posted on : 14 Dec, 2010



Asia’s unconventional gas sector holds plenty of attractive opportunities for investors. Top of the list is China’s huge reserves, whose potential remains untapped from a lack of technology in the country.


China intends to move to unconventional gas as the future energy supply solution within the next 10 years, to fulfill rapid growth in demand. In fact, from China to South America there have been reports of new large shale gas reserve discoveries and with plenty of the area yet to be explored, many more companies are expected to join in this venture.


For that reason, the 4th UGas Summit in Singapore, on 17-18 February 2011 will present the big picture on the prospects available in China and worldwide, as well as investor’s perspective and key considerations for unconventional gas projects, impact on natural gas markets, regulatory developments and more.


For full program agenda, click here or contact huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg with your queries.



China taps onto Unconventional Gas reserves as Future of Energy

Posted on : 11 Nov, 2010


China recently announced an auction of six shale-gas blocks to the biggest local energy companies to take place within a month. This significant move marks the beginning of open doors for new unconventional gas projects in the country.


Plus, China hopes to triple gas consumption to 10% of total energy usage by 2020 and is seeking ways to grow production levels. How can global investors take advantage of the opportunities from this emerging market?


The 4th UGas Summit brings the latest updates on the current and upcoming projects worldwide, including: US-China joint ventures, prospects for partnerships in Asia, Australia, Europe and beyond.


Click here to view program or contact huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg for assistance.


Statoil agrees to $1.3 billion U.S. shale gas Joint Venture with Talisman; aims to operate in China next

Posted on : 15 Oct, 2010


Norwegian oil firm Statoil is expanding further its shale gas operations in the United States, saying on Sunday it has created a joint venture with Canada's Talisman to acquire acreage on the Eagle Ford prospect in Texas for $1.325 billion.


Statoil said the deal, its second major shale gas acquisition in North America, would give it recoverable reserves of about 550 million barrels of oil equivalent, and would help it develop technologies it sees as key to its growth worldwide.


Shale gas -- natural gas trapped in layered rock, rather than porous reservoirs -- has revolutionized the U.S. gas market by offering an abundant new supply source, driving prices down. Statoil said mastering shale gas technology, such as horizontal drilling or hydro-fracking, is key to the growth of international oil companies in general and Statoil in particular.


"The use of this technology will not be applied to America alone; it will be applied globally, particularly in China, where we think is one of the fastest growing gas markets over the next few decades," John Knight, senior vice-president for business development and global unconventional gas, told Reuters.


"So we hope we will be able to operate in China in due course and learn those skills in the U.S.," he added.


Source: http://asia.news.yahoo.com/rtrs/20101010/tbs-business-us-norway-talisman-7318940.html

(Monday, October 11, 2010)


The increased interest and expertise in unconventional gas projects are drawing US-based companies to look towards China for potential tie-ups. In view of Asia’s potential as the fastest growing gas market, it’s only a matter of time before this revolutionary trend dawns on Asia players.


For that reason, CMT is planning an Unconventional Gas conference in Singapore, on 17-18 February 2011 to bring together CBM , Shale & tight gas players , LNG  buyers & suppliers including trading houses, , Investors, fund managers, equipment suppliers,  govt officials, drilling & engineering specialists to discuss strategies, challenges and opportunities for bringing commercial scale, Unconventional Gas to the region.


For more details on the program agenda or on how one might participate in this event as sponsors, speakers or exhibitors, click here or contact Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg.