8th SCAPET Series - Circular Plastics Packaging South & Central America, Navigating circular plastics packaging in South & Central America – Regulatory Policies, Technology Innovation, Collaboration & Investments Update

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31 May-01 Jun, 2023 - Cartagena, COLOMBIA

InterContinental Cartagena de Indias

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"Navigating circular plastics packaging in South & Central America – Regulatory Policies, Technology Innovation, Collaboration & Investments Update"


Since the problem of plastic pollution has gained much attention, governments and the private sector have taken action to encourage recycling and reduce plastic waste. These measures include phasing out certain single-use plastics and setting specific recycling targets for plastics. Each country will have differing targets.

Colombia has become the second Latin American country to launch a Plastics Pact to tackle the environmental impacts of plastics.    24/2/23, www.packagingnews.com

Colombia has recently launched a plastics pact to address the environmental impacts of packaging waste and to support international efforts in developing a plastics circular economy. It aims to eliminate problematic and unnecessary plastic and transform all plastic packaging to reusable, recyclable or compostable formats. The government will also work to raise the country’s plastic recycling rate to 50% and the average recycled content of plastic packaging to 30%. How can the industry work together to achieve the set goals? 

According to researchandmarkets.com, Plastic recycling rates will increase by up to 16% in the region by 2030 but finding solutions to minimize the generation of virgin plastic, incorporating recycled materials into production, and innovation in recycling technologies will be the focus of the next five years.

FMCG and Brands will continue to adopt more sustainable products and packaging, pushing demand for more recyclates, investment is needed to strengthen supply. Overall, the recycling sector is still informal in South and Central America and waste pickers play an important role in the supply chain. What are the challenges facing waste pickers? How can they work with major players to improve the rate of collections & recycling? What are the status of mechanical and chemical recycling investment in the region?

Following the success of our Circular Plastics Packaging LATAM conference last Dec as well as the 7th LAPET series, CMT will continue to cover a broader range of topics addressing circular plastics packaging. Join CMT’s Circular Plastics Packaging South & Central America on 31 May – 1 Jun 2023 in Cartagena, Colombia to hear from leading industry players their commitment & progress, gain latest updates on Innovative technologies, partnership & investment to accelerate plastics packaging circularity in the region.

Contact huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg (outside LATAM) or tanya@cmtsp.com.sg (LATAM region) for registration or more information.

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Colombia launches Plastics Pact while previous Pacts struggle with 2025 targets

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