19th LAPET Series - Circular Plastics Packaging LATAM,

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05-07 Dec, 2023 - Mexico City, MEXICO

Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel

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Improving sustainability & plastics circularity in LATAM




Mexico has one of the greatest per capita plastic use in Latin America and produces the 2nd largest amount of plastic waste behind Brazil. Local governments in Mexico have established legislation banning single-use plastic. On 1st March 2023, Mexico City's Circular Economy Law came into force, targets to encourage and promote responsible production and consumption practices through reuse, remanufacturing, and recycling.

The UN Treaty to end Global plastics pollution is in the making, with a timeline for global agreement by end 2024. Stay updated about the treaty & its implication on plastics industry as well as the potential changes to the proposed Circular Economy Regulation in Mexico.

Transitioning to a circular economy model to address plastic waste requires joint effort and commitment. Circulate Capital, along with partners DB Lab, Builders Vision, Chevron Phillips Chemical, Danone, Dow, Mondelēz International, and Unilever launched a new Initiative with US$65M to Combat Plastic Pollution in Latin America & The Caribbean.

Greenback Recycling Technologies has started up an advanced recycling plant in late May this year in Cuautla, Mexico, in partnership with Nestlé Mexico. The company has plans to deploy chemical recycling technology in other parts of Mexico, Latin America and elsewhere in the world with surplus plastic scrap. Envases Universales is also expanding its recycling facility in Central Mexico from an annual capacity of 60,000 metric tons to 100,000 metric tons by the end of 2024.

Uncover the challenges and opportunities associated with recycling both flexible and rigid packaging. Learn about the latest trends in mono-material packaging design and how it's contributing to more efficient recycling processes.

Prices for recycled plastic are at their lowest for some time, putting a strain on materials processors. How soon will the price recover? What about prices for virgin materials?

Join CMT’s 19th LAPET – Circular Plastics Packaging LATAM in Mexico City on 5-7 Dec 2023. Network with leading panel of experts to gain insights on the latest in Latin America markets. Get a closer look at the technological advancements that are revolutionizing waste sorting and collection systems, and gain insights into recycling innovations as experts share their experiences and strategies for successfully scaling up mechanical and chemical recycling projects.

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06-07 Dec, 2022 - Mexico City, MEXICO



I liked a lot of information in one place. I would like to come next year.

~ Alen Del Norte ~

Great presentations, good networking, lots of knowledge.

~ Vinmar International ~

I liked it – Well Done!

~ Indorama Ventures ~

Extraordinary Event

~ Avient Corporation ~

Enriching and inspiring towards collaboration.

~ Envases Universales ~

Very useful. Much information

~ Griffith Foods ~

This conference brings professional speakers with a lot of knowledge to keep us updated about the industry.

~ Custom Polymers Inc. ~

A great opportunity to network and update on the latest trends of circular plastics.
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